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NEW for 2021:
  • R2 2021 New Varieties – We have introduced over 250 new items for the 2021 and 2022 season. Many of these new introductions are based on their performance in the Raker Roberta’s Trial Gardens. We continue to focus and develop our full range of custom grown perennial young plants.
  • R2 Tropical Liner Program – For the 2020 spring season we launched a new Tropical Liner program! We have further developed the items offered in this program for the 2021 season
  • R2 Assortment Tray Program – R2’s assortment tray program introduced for the 2020 season will continue. This program features assortments of 3 varieties of 12 plants per variety sold in our 36 strip tray. This is a great way to get a variety of products at a small quantity per item!
  • Place orders by 11/1 to receive a 10% Early Order Discount- the largest Early Order Discount in the industry.

Please contact Raker-Roberta's (517-542-2316) for a printed copy of the 2021 Raker-Roberta's Catalog.
For Program or Availability Information:
Kelly Staats

For Printed Catalog Requests:
Kristy Stanton

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For 2021, Raker Roberta’s offers a large selection of mum aster and daisy liners from breeders Gediflora, Dummen, and Syngenta.

This offering includes 21 New Mum variety introductions for the 2021 season, 22 Mumbo™ combination liners, a selection of Igloo Hardy mums and Asters for Fall production. Items are available in our 51- Strip Tray, a 51-Strip Pinched Tray, and our High Density 160 tray to accommodate your needs.

We have introduced a NEW Mumbo™ to our offering- Mumbo Bronze Ombre!

Chrysanthemum, Aster, and Mumbos are available to ship in weeks 17-30.
Igloo Hardy Mums are only available to ship in weeks 22-26.

10% Early Order Discount on orders placed by 3/15/21

Click to View the 2021 R2 Mum-Aster Catalog