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For 2018, Raker Roberta’s offers a large selection of pansy and viola varieties for Fall production, including 11 NEW varieties. Raker sources Pansy and Viola seeds from American Takii, Ball Seed, Floranova, Pan American, Sakata, and Syngenta Flowers – offering the broadest wholesale collection in the horticulture industry.

Raker Pansy and Viola plugs are grown in 128-, 285-, and 335-plug trays. Pansy and Viola plugs are six to seven weeks old at delivery and ready to take-off immediately after transplant.

program release: week 11
delivery: weeks 18-52
For 2018, Raker Roberta’s offers 125 Poinsettias- including 10 NEW varieties. Raker sources Poinsettia cuttings from Dummen Orange (Ecke), Selecta, and Syngenta – offering the broadest wholesale collection in the industry. Raker Poinsettia liners are grown in a 25-strip tray (36-strip tray with 11 empty cells to promote lateral branching). Poinsettia liners are well rooted at delivery and ready to take-off immediately after transplant.

program release: week 5
delivery: weeks 28-37
For 2018, Raker-Rboerta's is offering 6 new season extender Mumbos, featuring Staviski and Jasoda families from Gediflora! All varieties are available to order now to extend your Garden Mum season sales.

If you have any questions, please contact Steve Reed or call us at 517-542-2316.

Click here for an informational sheet on these new Mumbos.
For 2018, Raker-Roberta's offers 253 garden mum varieties (including 14 NEW varieties), 16 EXCLUSIVE MUMBO combination liners, 15 Asters, 42 Spring Mums, and 13 Dendranthema and 1 Montauk Daisy.

Raker-Roberta's offers mum varieties from Syngenta, Gediflora, and Dummen to provide our customers with one source for all mum varieties. We offer our mum liners in a variety of tray sizes to best fit your needs; 51 strip tray no pinch, 51 strip tray pinched, and a 160 high density tray for volume orders.

In case you missed it, click here for the 2018 Mum Aster Daisy Webinar delivered on 11/16/2017.

program release: week 42
delivery: weeks 5-12 and 17-38
The 2017 Season Saver program offers Annuals, Vegetables, and Herbs for weeks 18-30 (May 1 – July 30). Extend your sales season with Season Saver! Items are sown in 128- & 288-plug trays. Transplant for late Summer 2nd & 3rd Turn Vegetables; Fresh Herb 6-packs; Summer Bedding; 6-inch, 8-inch, and Gallon Summer Color; Hanging Baskets; and/or Mixed Containers. Season Saver offers a program discount of 20% (+ Volume & EO Discounts).

Click here for a complete Season Saver listing

program release: week 18
delivery: weeks 18-52